Passover 2024

A new innovation in Destination Passover Programs*

Chateau Blanc is proud to announce it’s first-of-its-kind Tropical Pesach Program in Havana.  Come join us for a unique dining and travel experience like no other in the world. Featuring the best in organic produce, kosher meats, fine kosher wines and spirits, you’ll be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.  Our chefs have carefully designed our menu to combine traditional tastes mixed with a bit of Cuban flavor.  

*menu subject to change based on availability

First Seder (15th)

Matzoh ball soup

Sweet and sour Roast Beef

Velvety mashed potatoes with caramelized onions

Roasted Vegetables with a fresh herb salsa

Arugula salad with mango, roasted nuts and a honey vinaigrette

Decadent Chocolate mousse with local fruit


Kiddush (16th)

Salads, Lox, Cakes and more


Grilled lemon and herb chicken

Sweet and salty Plantains

Fresh Israeli salad with lots of herbs, lemon and olive oil

Apple crumble

Second Seder

Red wine, Date, and spice infused Brisket

Local Yucca with fried onions, garlic and lemon

Quinoa salad, fresh vegetables, pine nuts and herbs

Brownies with parve ice cream


Kiddush (17th)


Crispy coated schnitzel

Savory Potato kugel

Spicy Moroccan carrot salad with fresh cilantro

Fruit salad with local fruit


Salmon with a green coconut curry

Caramelized sweet potatoes with a fresh salsa

Roasted beets with goat cheese and arugula

Decadent Flan


Chol HaMoed

 (18th – 20th)

Breakfast and lunch will be served buffet style or to go,

and will include the finest local fish, fruits and vegetables.


Dinner (18th)

Moussaka, luscious eggplant stuffed with a beef kebab

Grilled cauliflower with a zesty green tahini sauce

Fresh endive salad with a cured ginger vinaigrette


Dinner (19th)

Grilled Lamb chops

Roasted pumpkin with a balsamic glaze

Spicy Green mango salad


Dinner (20th)

Maple and spice glazed chicken

Sweet potato mash with crispy fried onions

Mixed Greens salad with a balsamic vinaigrette

Shvii, Second Chag Dinner (21st)

Roasted Lamb Shank

Roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh herbs

Israeli Coleslaw with lots of lemon and fresh herbs

Creamy Coconut Flan


Kiddush (22nd)


Artichoke hearts stuffed with Moroccan fish kebabs

Yucca chips and salsa

Caesar salad with a Roquefort twist

Guava cheesecake

Shabbat Dinner

Ropa vieja, traditional Cuban pulled beef

Quinoa pilaf with carrots and onions

Grilled eggplant with fresh cilantro

Chocolate covered macaroons


Kiddush (23rd)


BBQ chicken

Broccoli quiche

Classic cole slaw

Hot Chocolate cake


Chrayme, spicy pepper stew with local fish

Cauliflower fritters

Earthy roots with lettuce and olive oil  

Fluffy “Krembo”