Kosher Certification

Chateau Blanc pride ourselves in providing a kosher compliant facility, so you can expect the highest caliber food and services under the strictest adherence to hygiene and quality. We are certified by International Kosher Mehadrin (IKM), a highly experienced kosher certification agency with over 25 years of service in the field.

Exclusive to Chateau Blanc, we are proud to provide the only kosher compliant facility in Cuba. We are pleased to serve a variety of fish, vegetable, pasta and dairy meal options, with meat options (lamb and chicken) coming soon. Our kitchens are outfitted with separate refrigeration, sinks, ovens, dishware and tableware to ensure the highest standards of food hygiene and preparation. Our chefs are well acquainted with the strict dietary laws of kashrus, allowing us to create memorable Cuban dining experience under strict kosher preparation.

International Kosher Mehadrin (IKM) will certify all “strictly kosher” resident guest groups traveling to Havana – UPON REQUEST – at our facility. For more information on IKM, please visit their website at http://www.ikmehadrin.com/

Services Available

1. A “strictly kosher” stay will always be supervised by a Mashgiach designated by IKM. This service requires a minimum of ten (10) resident guests.

2. For smaller groups and individual guests, we also provide a “non-supervised” Kosher compliant facility where you can rely on our staff’s knowledge of Kosher food preparation, selection of only approved ingredients and the strictest adherence to kashrut laws and food sanitation.

For non-resident kosher guests (Guests staying at hotels, casas particulares or other facilities) Chateau Blanc offers the following catering options:

1. Kosher Meals service at our facility – Guests can eat Kosher meals at our facility

2. Kosher Catering service – Kosher meals prepared in our facility and delivered to your location

3. Kosher Events Catering – Kosher meals and/or buffet service prepared in our facility

For kosher guests or groups who wish to bring their own food or ingredients, we provide separate refrigeration and disposable dishware and cutlery. Our kitchen appliances will also be available for use and our kitchen staff will provide any requested assistance.  We respectfully ask that all guests adhere to kosher laws when bringing in their own food preparation items.