About Us

About Us

Chateau Blanc is certified member property of the exclusive Hamsa ® travel brand. We are a private, family-owned kosher compliant bed and breakfast facility in Cuba, dedicated to providing upscale accommodations at an affordable price.  With a modern decor, premium food and beverage services and a friendly and knowledgeable staff, we are committed to making your stay a most enjoyable experience.

Founded in 2018, by a Cuban-American raised in the Cuban Jewish community in Havana, our owner-operators have traveled to Cuba on many occasions and spend much of the year residing in Havana. Over the years, they have managed the travel and accommodations for many groups of various sizes, allowing us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the history, culture, and people of Cuba.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

Nuevo Vedado

Chateau Blanc is located in the chic Nuevo Vedado neighborhood, one of the most sought after locations in Havana. Vedado is Spanish for “forbidden”, and reflects the exclusivity of the area.  Part of the Plaza de la Revolución municipality, Nuevo Vedado was originally settled by aristocrats during the 1930s.  As the area grew quickly during the 1950s, a new, more exclusive location formed, known as Nuevo Vedado (“New Vedado”).  Today, Nuevo Vedado is once again a quaint, laid back residential area with a diverse population of artists, celebrities, and expatriates, and serves as home to several embassies and consulates. The area borders the Almendares River and the Forest of Havana, a well known haven for nature lovers, with beautiful flora and fauna and paths for hiking. Quiet and sublime, we are only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Havana.

Map of the Area

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